Synthesis for this amino acid occurs in neurons by conversion of L-Aspartic to D-Aspartic via D-aspartate racemase; depolarization of nerve endings with K(+) ions evokes an immediate release of D-Asp in a Ca(2+) dependent manner; specific receptors for D-Asp occur at the postsynaptic membrane, as demonstrated by binding assays and by the expansion of squid skin chromatophores; D-aspartate oxidase, the specific enzyme that oxidizes D-Asp, is present in the postsynaptic membranes; and stimulation of nerve endings with D-Asp triggers signal transduction by increasing the second messenger cAMP. Taken together, these data demonstrate that D-Aspartic fulfills all criteria necessary to be considered a novel endogenous neurotransmitter. Given its known role in neurogenesis, learning, and neuropathologies, our results have important implications for biomedical and clinical research.

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Zero Fillers

Effective supplements begin with superior ingredients. Our raw ingredients undergo state-of-the-art analysis to ensure zero tolerance for impurities with absolutely no fillers, excipients, binders, or additives of any kind. While other manufacturers dilute their products with cheap fillers or add chemical excipients natural or synthetic substances formulated alongside active ingredients to dilute them—we do not.

Purity is Important

Purity is important, but if active ingredients are so under dosed the product becomes ineffective, purity becomes a disputable point. Many brands add minute amounts of key ingredients just to make the label look good.

In the industry, we call this "window dressing,". which describes products that look good on the outside but have nothing going on the inside. We give you pure effective product, not hype.

Our Method

Look at the supplement facts panel of your favorite products, chances are you will see the term "proprietary blend." By grouping ingredients into blends on the label, companies declare dosages of blends keeping secret the dosages of the individual ingredients. Companies do this pretending to protect their secret formula, but in reality, they do it to hide how little of the ingredients are actually in the product.

This creates the bare minimum under-dosed ineffective supplement. We never use proprietary blends. We use what you pay for, pure L-Aspartic Acid.

Supplement Facts

L - Aspartic Acid 100%
Other Ingredients 0%
Fillers 0%
Hidden Ingredients 0%
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Exercise has a profound effect on muscle growth, which can occur only if muscle protein synthesis exceeds muscle protein breakdown; there must be a positive muscle protein balance. Resistance exercise improves muscle protein balance, but, in the absence of food intake, the balance remains negative (i.e., catabolic). The response of muscle protein metabolism to a resistance exercise bout lasts for 24-48 hours; thus, the interaction between protein metabolism and any meals consumed in this period will determine the impact of the diet on muscle hypertrophy. Amino acid availability is an important regulator of muscle protein metabolism. The interaction of postexercise metabolic processes and increased amino acid availability maximizes the stimulation of muscle protein synthesis and results in even greater muscle anabolism than when dietary amino acids are not present. Hormones, especially insulin and testosterone, have important roles as regulators of muscle protein synthesis and muscle hypertrophy. Following exercise, insulin has only a permissive role on muscle protein synthesis, but it appears to inhibit the increase in muscle protein breakdown. Ingestion of only small amounts of amino acids, combined with carbohydrates, can transiently increase muscle protein anabolism, but it has yet to be determined if these transient responses translate into an appreciable increase in muscle mass over a prolonged training period.

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